Upcoming Programs at Backcourt Hoops

Fall AAU Tournaments

We host fall AAU tournaments for both boys and girls teams grades 7-12 during September, October, and November. Fall tournaments are one day shoot out events with options for 2 or 3 games. Since all of our events are held on one day, no hotel stays are required. The entry fee for 2 games is $185 and 3 games is $275. We offer quality competition in a venue with hardwood courts. Teams will be matched to like abilities within the following divisions; Varsity (grades 11-12), JV (grades 10-11), and Junior High (grades 7-8). Games are officiated by PIAA certified referees and use a stop clock format.

Private Training

Our experienced and knowledgeable professional coaches on staff specifically design training to improve and develop either overall basketball skillsets or specific basketball skills depending on the needs of each athlete. Backcourt Hoops professional instructors include Coach John E. Bucci, Coach Mike Show, Coach Dave Martin, Coach Bill Callahan, and Coach Errol Mannick. Our specialized basketball training is designed for athletes ranging from 5th grade through college. Sessions can be scheduled in a private or small group setting. Small groups are responsible for their own organization and coordination.

Basketball Academy

Our Basketball Academy is split into two age groups: Lay-ups (Pre-K-2nd grade), and Bounce Passers (3rd-5th grade). This instructional clinic teaches the skills necessary to become successful at the game of basketball. Stress is placed on the fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, offense, and defense while developing teamwork and improving physical fitness. The Basketball Academy is held Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting October 16, 2014. Lay-ups are scheduled from 5:30-6:30pm and Bounce Passers are scheduled from 6:30-7:30pm. The program runs for 4 weeks.

Girls Varsity, JV, Junior High Fall Team League

Our Girls Fall League has 3 Divisions: Junior High (7-8th Grade), JV (9-10th grade), and Varsity (9-12th grade). The Junior High Division allows middle school teams greater exposure to the game of basketball and additional game experience within their season. The JV and Varsity Leagues provide great pre-season warm-ups for the High School season. The leagues include 6 PIAA officiated games. 2 games will be played on each of the following days; Saturday October 18th, November 1st, and November 8th. Each team will be required to provide a scorekeeper. Games will utilize a stopped clock with 16 minute halves.

Greenridge Girls

The Green Ridge League is an individual sign-up league. Girls will be assigned to teams in four age divisions ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The league begins Saturday November 2nd and runs through early February 2015. Games are played Saturday mornings and early afternoons. This league was established to enhance skills and abilities in game situations. Green Ridge Girls League is the area’s premiere Biddy League.

University Shooting Clinics

Backcourt Hoops University offers 4 sessions of shooting clinics throughout the fall to boys and girls basketball players in grades 7 through 10. Each session includes four 90 minute training periods over four separate days. Backcourt Hoops University staff consists of professional coaches; Bill Callahan, Dave Martin, Mike Shields, Corey Valvano, Mike Show, Larry Reagan, and John Bucci. The Backcourt University Shooting Clinics enable each athlete to execute fundamentally sound shooting mechanics through professional instruction. The clinic’s goal is to improve each players’ shooting percentage by learning to perfect their shot mechanics. Our coaches break the shot down into several integral stages, and ensure each athlete comprehends and executes each motion. Through intense, repetitive drills and instruction players will lock the necessary shooting technique into muscle memory. Athletes will also learn the techniques of shooting both off the move and off the dribble.

Coach’s Corner / Parents’ Perspective

New Website

New Website

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