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Backcourt Hoops part of Clean and Green Initiative

Teamwork can be seen all around Riverfront Sports and Backcourt Hoops.

Now, the management of Riverfront Sports and Backcourt Hoops is hoping to extend that teamwork beyond the courts and playing fields and beyond the players and coaches.

Riverfront Sports and Backcourt Hoops have joined forces in an initiative to be Clean and Green.

We’re making the process easier and asking all of our customers to join us in an effort to keep the facility clean and, more importantly, improve our efforts to recycle as much of our waste as possible.

As we wind down a busy spring, it is evident that the amount of paper and plastic consumed in and discarded from our building has become overwhelming.

We’re implementing new solutions to increase our recycling efforts with the necessary goals of curbing the amount of waste, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and keeping our environment cleaner.

New cans and bins will be placed strategically around the building to make recycling easier for our customers. Please join us in keeping our facility clean and placing your trash, bottles, and paper products in the appropriate receptacles. We’ll be sure to take it from there, discarding the items properly while always keeping the environment in mind.

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