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Caleb Vigil (15) and Christian Fermin (21). (Tim Drewes Photo)

Weekend shootout planned at Riverfront

Backcourt Hoops and NEPA Elite are hosting the Summer Shootout Saturday and Sunday at Riverfront Sports in Scranton.

A total of 36 boys and 24 girls teams are scheduled to compete in the event over 13 divisions.

NEPA Elite’s eight AAU basketball teams will continue their seasons in their first chance to play on their home courts.

The event also represents an opportunity for the younger teams from Backcourt Hoops/Riverfront Sports to begin their seasons.

The NEPA Elite Coyle 17U boys and Basalyga 17U boys each have one game Saturday in the 11th Grade Division.

The 16U boys team, coached by Enrico Mastroianni, has two games Saturday in the 10th/11th Grade Division.

The 15U boys, coached by Ryan McGoff, and 14U boys, coached by Corey Joyce, are each entered in the 9th Grade Division. The 15U boys play twice and the 14U boys have one game.

New Jersey Morris Magic plays a Saturday doubleheader, giving the NEPA Elite Clark 17U girls and NEPA Elite Carra/Lewis 17U girls teams one game each in the 11th Grade Division. Both teams head into the weekend with 8-1 records.

The 16U team, coached by Morgan Birmelin, has one Sunday game in the 9th Grade Division.

Each of the other home teams in action are playing for the first time.

The Backcourt Hoops Bulldogs Krawczeniuk boys will play once each on Saturday and Sunday in the 8th Grade Division.

JB Hoops Gallagher and JB Hoops Hopkins each play twice, including against each other, Saturday in the 7th Grade Division.

JB Hoops Evans, Backcourt Hoops Bulldogs Kettel and Backcourt Hoops Bulldogs Tillery play twice each in the 6th Grade Division Saturday. The Tillery team is a fifth-grade team playing up for the weekend.

There are four JB Hoops teams – Monahan, Brunner, Rotell and Shaffer in the five-team 5th Grade Division. They all play twice Saturday. The Shaffer team is a fourth-grade team playing up.

JB Hoops Sheehan, NEPA Flames Scoblick, NEPA Flames Callejas are all entered in the 8th Grade Girls Division. NEPA Flames Scoblick plays twice Saturday. The other two teams play one game each day.

NEPA Flames Evans and NEPA Flames Genco each play twice Sunday, including a game against each other, in the 7th Grade Division.

JB Hoops 6 Haefele and NEPA Flames Genco are entered in the 6th Grade Division. They play each other Saturday and each have another game Sunday.

JB Hoops 5 Haefele and NEPA Flames McHugh are in the 5th Grade Division. Similar to the sixth-grade schedule, they play each other Saturday then each has a separate game Sunday.

Full schedules can be accessed by downloading the Backcourt Hoops & NEPA Flames app.

Attendance to the event is limited to one parent per player for their game(s) only, as part of COVID-19 Safety Protocol. Parents with any questions should seek clarification through their team’s coach.

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