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Point Guard/Post Player Camps

Who: Boys/Girls Grades 6-12

What: Point Guard/Post Player Camp

When: Saturday, October 19th 9:30am-12pm

 Where: Backcourt Hoops

Why: This two and a half hour, non-contact Basketball University Point Guard/Post Player Camp is designed to develop and improve on the different skills required to becoming an effective, overall basketball player. Players will work intensely with some of the best position specific coaches in Northeast PA. The final hour of the camp is directed toward implementing the instruction from both positions onto the floor in game-like situations.

PRICE: 65$ (Includes camp TShirt)

Camp is limited to 40 Players.

Camp Staff:

Coach Mike Show

Coach Matt Shaffer


Agenda: (150 minutes) 

10 Minutes-Group talk-Welcome, expectations, understand both sides

10 Minutes- Corners finishing warm up drill

10 Minutes- Ball handling

Breakdown to Guards and Bigs (90min)

The Guards will focus on:

  • Footwork- Catching the ball ready to shoot, and ready to drive
  • Movement without the basketball
  • Passing and Cutting
  • Learning how to handle the ball and take on double teams to pass out of traps

The Bigs will focus on:

  • Catching and squaring to the basket (Sikma move)
  • Right and Left hand finishes
  • Immediate jump shots after pivoting
  • How to pass out of the post and repost
  • How to pass out of traps

Last 30 mins:

  • Mikan series
  • finish strong series
  • work from home series (drills you can do alone at home)

Point Guard/Post Player Registration

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