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Jim Elliott Referee School

Former Grad Amber Jacobs

Former Grad Amber Jacobs

Who: This school is for adults who are 18 years and older and Current Referee’s
What: Referee School that will allow you to develop the skills to competently referee a basketball game.
Where: Backcourt Hoops
When: Starts in September
Why: Learn the rules and procedures needed to take the PIAA referee exam to earn extra income and get game experience afterwards.



The Jim Elliott Basketball Officials Camps at Backcourt Hoops is an unheard of opportunity to LEARN TO PASS THE OFFICIAL’S EXAM FOR FREE and/or LEARN TO REFEREE FOR FREE.

The two camps are designed for (1) anyone wishing to become a certified PIAA Basketball Official and (2) any official, already certified, who wants to get better, advance to higher levels, or learn 3 person mechanics.  The camps work in conjunction with Backcourt Hoops at Riverfront Sports Complex, Scranton, Pa.  After the camps are concluded, you will be assigned games at Backcourt Hoops to offset the cost of the camp.  Because Backcourt Hoops assigns over 9000 games annually, and has games all year round, you will have the opportunity to receive games and make money far beyond the cost of the camps.

Session #1 is designed to prepare you to pass the PIAA exam and become a certified PIAA official.

The purpose of the camp is to give campers a distinct advantage in passing the exam the first time, and allow you to begin working games immediately upon passing the exam.  We will provide you all the information and preparation materials to pass the test the first time, and then assign you games immediately in our various leagues to easily recoup the cost of the camp.  There are 5 dates in the form of classroom instruction and on-court instruction.  The classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm at Backcourt Hoops on September 12, 19, 21, 26 and 28.   The statewide Basketball Officials Exam is October 3, 2016.   If you are unable to attend a particular camp date, and/or would like additional instruction before the test, arrangements can be made with the Director to accommodate those students.  Cost of this camp is $200.  We also guarantee that you will pass the PIAA exam or you can take the course in the future for free; but the guarantee only applies if you attend all the classes.  The classes are essential to pass the exam.  After you complete the course & pass the exam, you will be assigned games at Backcourt Hoops to offset the cost of the camp.

Session #2 is for PIAA registered officials who want to learn 3 man or become better officials.

The purpose of the camp is to provide classroom instruction and on-the-court instruction on positioning, play calling philosophy, mechanics, communication with coaches and 3-person mechanics (we can also address fundamentals of 2-person mechanics).    The dates for session #2 are: September 13 and 14 (Tue & Wed 6:00-8:00) for classroom instruction, and September 17, 2016 for on-court evaluations (games will be in conjunction with a local college camp).  If you are unable to officiate September 17, please inform the Director so he can select an alternate date for on-court evaluation. Cost of this camp is $100.  After you complete the camp, you will be assigned games at Backcourt Hoops to offset the cost of the camp.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Elliott at (570) 815-9974, or Jeff Fedak / John Bucci at (570) 558-3833

Additional Info

Jim Elliott Referee School

jim elliot



Jim Elliott is an active PIAA and NCAA Men’s Basketball Official.  He has officiated college and high school playoff games since 2002, including the 2012 PIAA AA Boys State Championship game.  Jim serves as the PIAA Rules interpreter for the Scranton Chapter of Officials (2013 – present) as well as having served as the IAABO Rules interpreter for college basketball officials (2008-2013).

Jim is an attorney and owner of the Elliott Law Firm, Scranton, Pa.  He is a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Law, Penn State University and West Scranton High School.  Officiating has allowed Jim to stay active in a game he loves.


Officiating basketball is not as easy as it looks from the bleachers or sidelines.  Where do I stand?  Where am I supposed to look?  When do I blow the whistle?  Isn’t all contact a foul?  Who is responsible for that call?  Is that really the backcourt rule?  What is the difference between marginal and illegal contact?  These are some of the questions commonly asked by newer officials, whether you have played the game or not.  For those of us who played the game in high school or college, you will be surprised at the number of rules we don’t know.

If you are a prospective official looking to get started refereeing basketball and pass the PIAA test, or an official who has already passed the test and seeks improvement, or an official looking to advance in high school or college, these camps are for you.  And you cannot beat the price or the experience.

The PIAA basketball exam is a difficult test.  Many of the questions deal with rules that are not commonly seen in a game, or may be worded in a way that causes confusion or appears to provide for multiple answers.  This course will assist you in preparation for the exam.  You will review old exams, obtain strategies for taking the exam, receive illustrations to highlight a rule, and receive answers to all your questions.

After you pass the rules exam, you are expected to know how to referee; but, no one tells you where to stand, where to look, or what to do.  You are supposed to know.  Our camp will help you.  Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of 2-person mechanics, or want to advance in high school and college and understand 3-person mechanics, our camp will teach you what you need to succeed at your level.

After you pass the PIAA exam, or complete the mechanics class, you will be assigned games at Backcourt Hoops.  You will gain valuable experience and you will be paid for the games, which will allow you to recover the cost of the camp.  Essentially, you will be learning to officiate and becoming a better referee for FREE as well as putting some money in your pocket.  I guarantee no other officials’ camp – anywhere – can provide you the training and game experience for this cost.

I look forward to the opportunity to teach you the fundamentals and advanced techniques of officiating and, hopefully, it will bring you as much excitement and friendships as it has me over the years.

James R. Elliott, Esq.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Elliott at (570) 815-9974, or Jeff Fedak / John Bucci at (570) 558-3833


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