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Girls 4-5 th, 6th & JRH

Zelski Bros. Girls Winter League Starts November 26th 2018

Who: Girls basketball teams divided into three age Divisions: 4-5th Grade, 5-6th Grade, or 7-8th Grade . (all players must be from the same school unless approved by John Bucci.)

What: Girls Winter league with a 7 game season. All teams make the playoffs and are guaranteed 8 games. The Girls 4-5th Grade play on 8.5ft baskets and the Girls 6th, & Girls 7-8th Grade League play on 10ft baskets.

Where: Backcourt Hoops
When: Monday and or Tuesday nights, beginning November 28, 2018 through Early February 2019. Entry Deadline November 18th, 2018.
Why: Play against other teams to improve your basketball skills in a competitive and organized setting. Games will use PIAA Referees and will utilize a stopped clock.

Cost: $345.00

Additional Info

  • In case Of inclement weather all cancellations will be posted on our website,
  • Each team must supply a scorekeeper or clock operator.
  • Coaches should plan to bring their own basketballs.  Basketballs will not be provided.
  • Courts open 15 minutes prior to the first game of the evening.

Zaleski Bros. Girls League Master Schedule


Brackets 5-6th Grade


Bracket JRH (7-8th)




All PIAA rules except for the following:

  • 14 min. (Jr. High), 13 min. (4th-5th/5th-6th grade) halves
  • 2 minute half time
  • 1 full timeout; 2 30-second timeouts
  • One-on-one on 10th team foul; no Double Bonus
  • Mercy rule: If team is up by 20 points clock runs for last 8 minutes (if score drops below 20 point spread it will switch back to stop clock)
  • If a team is winning by 15 points or more, they cannot press
  • 4-5th grade: No full court press, half court allowed, 8.5 ft baskets
  • Overtime will be 2 Minutes

Coming Soon


Please email Jeff Fedak ( with any questions, issues, or comments about the league.  Do not call the facility or email

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