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Men's Adult Basketball League at Backcourt Hoops

Dunkin Donuts Men's League


Who: Men’s Adult teams
What: Basketball League for adult men 18 years or older. They will play a 8 game season plus 4 teams make the  playoffs.
Where: Backcourt Hoops
When: The league starts Sept. 9 and will be played on Wednesday nights.  games start at 7:00pm or 8:00pm.
Why: Compete against other quality men’s teams in a well-run and organized basketball league.
Cost: $400

  • Courts open 15 minutes prior to the first game of the evening.


  • 2015 Fall Adult League RulesDirector Bill Callahan wcallahan@hanoverarea.net2- 20 min halves – running clockLast 2 minutes of each half is stopped clockEach player gets 6 personal fouls before fouling out

    1-1 on 10th foul of each half

    Under 1 min in game all fouls are 1-1

    3 pt line is the orange line

    1st Overtime: 2 min; 2nd overtime: 1 min; 3rd overtime: sudden death, first point wins

    Ref Fees are $25 per game to be paid before the game starts; no exceptions

    Forfeits are a $50 fee which goes to the refs

    A player or team may be banned from the league by the director for conduct detrimental to the league (excessive technical fouls, forfeits, fighting,non payment, etc.)

    Everyone playing must be out of High School. No high school students are allowed to play.

    You must play in at least half of the teams games to be eligible to play in the playoffs

    The clock will start if a team is not there at scheduled start time


    Once a 7 minute run off has elapsed it is then considered a forfeit so be on time.


    Games can start with 4 players.


Contact Bill Callahan  or 570-574-4498 with any questions

Do not call the facility or email

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